Payment pending until approval?

I am trying to figure out if I can use Gravity forms to automate the ordering process for advertising spaces on a website. The one requirement is that I need to approve orders before the payment is processed. I want to be sure it is a client/ad I want to accept.

Before I go down the rabbit hole trying to research the options, is there a way to have payment pending until approval? I like being able to capture the payment on the spot. If not, the alternative would be an add-on that generates an invoice that I manually approve and send.

Hello. Some of our payment add-ons have the ability to authorize the purchase, but leave the capture as a manual process. The Square Add-On works like this.

Some of our other add-ons allow a similar functionality but require additional code to accomplish. Which payment add-on were you planning on using for this website?

I am hoping to use Stripe because I already have an account and use it for other payments. I do not currently use Square.

I found where Stripe has an option for Authorize and Capture but I can’t figure out how to implement that with a Gravity Forms / Stripe combo. (I did find the documentation on hooks but I think that might be above my paygrade - gform_stripe_payment_intent_pre_create - Gravity Forms Documentation)

Hello. I think this is the filter you are looking for:

If you do not capture the funds within 7 days, the authorization expires. Will that work in your scenario?

If not, there is an alternate method of creating a customer in Stripe with a $1 authorization, and then once that payment data is stored safely at Stripe, you can create a transaction in your Stripe dashboard. If this is more along the lines of what you need, check out this article:

@AMucci - I’d recommend taking a look at Gravity Flow along with its extension to further support the Gravity Forms Stripe add-on. Not only would Flow provide the approval action you mentioned, including via one-click email for approval or rejection, but the Stripe extension provides step types for when/how the payment should be processed or conditional logic to determine refund (or asking for a new payment method).

The scenarios which Chris suggested can also apply with Stripe related steps in the workflow so you should have lots of flexible options to fit your use case.

Let us know how you get on.

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