Complex form with multiple steps & payment authorization

Hi - first time poster! I’ve used GF across all the sites I manage - all for fairly straightforward contact forms (name, phone, email, etc.).
I have a request from a prospect (a CPA) who wants to set up the following:
“A brief tax season questionnaire (15 questions) where they would answer the questions and then sign an engagement letter and fill out an automatic payment authorization”
Does anyone have experience with something like this? Is this doable with GF?
Any help is greatly appreciated,

Hi, John.

What you have described is doable with Gravity Forms.

You may need the Legal Signing for Gravity Forms add-on to achieve the’ sign an engagement letter’. Check it out here:

This is a paid add-on created and maintained by CosmicGiant (formerly ForGravity), a third-party developer.

Regarding the automatic payment authorization, you may set up recurring payments with the Gravity Forms Stripe add-on. Check it out here:

You can access the Stripe add-on at no extra cost with a Gravity Forms Pro or Elite license.

Thanks so much for this.

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