How to copy images from one form field to another forms field

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I want to copy a image from one form field to another form field in another form. What would be the best way to do this? I notice that Easy Passthrough doesn’t do this. Are there other ways to do this in Gravity Forms or with perks , plugins etc.

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Hi Stephen. Can you explain why you want to do this or how it needs to work?

Hi Chris

Maybe I just don’t actually understand properly but I wanted to use the image as a logo on a Gravity View List View and since the view is of the entries on a form I wanted to include the image in one of the fields of that form. However for an improved user experience I wanted to move the image already uploaded in a previous form in the series to this form.

Hope I am making sense. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks again for taking the time to reply

Hi Stephen. I think we are getting somewhere now. I understand that the image was uploaded in a form, and stored in an entry, and you want to use that image for a listing of some sort for GravityView, is that correct?

Can you explain what is being uploaded in form 1, and what the entries are that are being displayed in the GravityView view? It sounds like there are a couple steps to this system, and with some more detail, I bet we can come up with something. Thank you.

Yep, @user5fc737ec20b89414—please do share additional details about this part:

However for an improved user experience I wanted to move the image already uploaded in a previous form in the series to this form.

Your question might be answered by the [gvfield] docs, which allows you to embed a value from any form or field. Otherwise, please share more details!

Hi Chris

I have form 1 which I named Event Details. This I use for the organisor to submit details of their event. This form has multiple fields in it but for this example lets say they are a unique ID field ( which I use to generate a unique ID for the event) , a Single Line Text field ( which I use for the Event Name) and a file upload field ( which I use for the organisor to upload an event logo). The file upload can either be a png,jpg,pdf and I limit the size of this upload using the limit size perk.

Then once the organisor submits the form 1, I automatically provide them with the next form in the series Form 2 - Health & Safety . On this form I have the unique ID (Event ID) and the (Event Name) from form 1 and then a host of Health & Safety fields ie a name field for the Safety Officers name.

Then I want to be able to provide the Organisor with an “overview / report” of all the fields they have completed so far and for this I believe GravityView is the answer. I intended to use a List View and I wanted to show the Event Logo that was submitted in form 1 as part of the overview. But the difficulty I face is that the List View is of Form 2 and doesn’t contain the logo field uploaded in Form 1.

I think Zack may be providing the answer but I don’t know for sure.

Thank you again

Hi Stephen,

Rafael from GravityView’s support here.

You can easily achieve that by using our Multiple Forms extension. This way, you can have two forms connected in one single View, by joining them with that Unique ID field. Please contact us directly for further assistance:

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