Image in field Label

I have been everywhere to find a solution for the following and no luck.
I would like to be able to use an image instead of the field label of a radio button.
There are many ways to put an image into the options but I can’t find a way to replace the field label with an image.

The form is for children with disabilities to see an image (abstract image with a hidden number) and select the radio button with the right number.

It is essentially a quiz, but the questions should be an image and the answers can be text or numbers choices.

I must add that the form randomizes the questions so It makes it difficult to use an HTML field and add the image there as the image doesn’t show the correct image with the question and then there is no way to know if the answer is correct.

I use a combo of
Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On
Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On
Gravity Perks

Please help

You can’t currently use HTML (an img tag) in the field label. How about using the field description for the HTML img tag, and hiding the label? Then you can use the radio button selections for the answer. Like this:

I used the Section field as the 'Label" (Question 1, Question 2) then hid the field labels with the visibility settings on the field. And moved the field description to above the inputs. Then I entered the HTML img tag in the description, and it looks like this. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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