A way to change images in radio button when selected

So I’m using images as buttons, fairly standard, I’m wondering how to switch out the image for a negative coloured one when selected? I’ve added the images by adding html to the field.

So a user presses the button of a white figure on black background - when they select it becomes black figure on white background.


Can you share a link to the page on your site where we can see the form using images? I’m also not sure how the HTML field figures in. Normally, when replacing the radio buttons with images, the HTML img tag goes right into the radio button label. It sounds like you are doing something different?

Sure www.insured-life.info/getlifecover



Thanks Scott. I see the form. But I did not see any “white figures” on a black background, and could not see the reverse either. Can you please export this form and send me the JSON file via email to chris@rocketgenius.com ?

Thank you.