Upload photos with quantity field

Hi, please help me!

Is it possible to bulk upload images with quantity fields?


photo1.jpg 1 piece
photo2.jpg 3 piece

Thanks for the help!

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Olah Zoltán

Can you just add a number input field next to or right after each file upload field? So that they can specify the number of each photo they need? The file input is a browser-specific control and cannot be extended to include another input. My idea would be to just have an additional quantity input field after each file upload field, labeled so that it is clear what file upload is associated with each quantity.

I created a proof of concept form and exported a copy if you want to see what I mean. Download and save this file, then import it into Gravity Forms by going to Forms > Import/Export > Import Forms.

Download the json form export here.

Remove the .txt extension after you save it. The file extension should be .json.

Let me know if you need anything else.