How to autofill dropdown lists from previous forms, doable?

Hi I have set up a form for people to fill in and when they move on to the next page wherever there is a field similar to a previous field it is automatically filled, which is nice. All except the country drop-down lists which they have to keep choosing country and because these forms need to have it several times it is quite annoying for the person who fills it.

Can it be done so that also the country drop-down list is also passed on to the next page and auto-filled or should i switch it back to a text field. Unfortunately, although the field works it is susceptible to mistakes and the documents are official authority documents that need precise answers.

Specifically, I have used the address field and only kept the country

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi, for the same page ‘copy Cat’ from GravityWizard is great if you don’t want to run into code - Gravity Forms Copy Cat - Gravity Wiz
For multi page this code here will do the trick: Gravity Wiz // Gravity Forms // Populate Field Value from One Page to Field in Subsequent Page · GitHub
Just make sure you get the correct input value from this multi-field - GF_Field_Address - Gravity Forms Documentation