How to populate form fields from fields earlier in the form

Is it possible to fill in a field on page 3 of a multi-page form with the value that was filled in on page 1? More generally, is it possible to populate a field from another form field. I have seen code that reads fields and outputs to a Post, but that doesn’t help.

There is no built in functionality in Gravity Forms to do that, but there are several solutions.



Without one of those solutions, you could create JavaScript to copy from one input to another in your form.

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Thanks for the answer. I would like to try the script solution. I have seen sample PHP. The stripped-down version of code I saw is:

add_action( ‘gform_pre_submission_6’, ‘pre_submission_handler_region’);
function pre_submission_handler_region( $form ) {
country = rgpost( 'input_30', true ); _POST[‘input_35’] = $region; }

  • Can I use PHP instead of JavaScript? Should I?
  • How do I replace the last step to write to a field instead of writing to Post?