Fill drop-down box with other text field entries


We’re trying to read 3 text fields and as the user them out they would then be populated in a drop-down box

Any idea of how this could be done?

We tried following

Thanks for your assistance.

Gravity Forms does not have any native functionality to do that. You might be able to do that with this plugin:


Oh okay thanks.

Is getting the value of the entry in the field doable? Maybe using rgar? If not, what approach could get the value?


The entry is not written yet, so you can’t use that. You would need to use JavaScript/jQuery to get it on the same page. Or on a multi-page form, you can get it from the $_POST using PHP and the gform_pre_render filter:


Thanks for the reply.

The entry is already written. We are using gravity flow. We are trying to get a value that is already entered.

Does that change anything?


Thanks for the additional information. I recommend contacting Gravity Flow in that case. Or explain more here exactly what you are trying to do, and when. Thank you.


Thank you.

When a user submits a form we would like to capture the entry from one of the fields (single line text for example).

After, in gravity flow, we would then like to get the entry from that text field and use it to populate a dropdown box.

What are your thoughts? Is something like this doable? It isn’t built into gravity form but is it doable via code.

Can the field be captured? If the field can be captured, our team can handle the rest.


If you are using Gravity Forms, the field entries from any form can be captured, saved, and accessible to PHP code, or used by merge tags for some fields - using this new plugin:

Ok will check it out. Thank you.