Dynamically Populate Fields from previous page

I am switching from contact form 7 to Gravity forms and the cf7 forms dynamically populate some fields from the previous page and I am trying to do the same in Gravity forms but I am having no success.
The page with the gravity forms is here: [https://www.hvacexec.com/candidate-profile-request/]

The first page a visitor would go to is https:// hvacexec com/view-candidate-profiles/ and then they would click on one of the blue “View Resume” buttons and end up on a page like https:// hvacexec com/resume/regional-sales-manager-top-performer-southwestern-us/ then when the visitor clicks on the blue “Meet the Candidate” button, they go to https:// hvacexec com/candidate-profile-request/ and the “ID” and “Position Title” fields are filled in in CF7 which is also on the page below the Gravity form but not the Gravity Form.

How do I populate the Gravity form like CF7 does?

I tried understanding this post https:// docs gravityforms com/using-dynamic-population/ but I couldn’t figure it out.

The only problem I see with doing the query string with a set value is that the same “ID” or “Position” will be on every form when the button to the Gravity forms form pulls the info from the previous page at https:// hvacexec com/view-candidate-profiles/
There is not a separate button for each job listing that I can put a query string on.

Any help you could give would be much appreciated.


I would like to assist you with your requirement.

Please reach me at Skype or Email.

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Seth R

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