How do unhide a form element in admin area? [RESOLVED]

I hope someone can help me out here…

I was working on an online order form in the admin area, adding product fields. I have about six product fields. I wanted to hide all of them and just display the Total field. So in the process of trying to figure out how to hide them, I put “hidden” in the custom css class under the appearance tab for one of the product elements and it disappeared from my admin area.

It’s showing up on the front end on my form, but I can’t do anything with it anymore in the admin area because it’s gone. I tried using the browser to disable the display none, but can’t get it to work. I tried going to the admin theme css to see if I can figure out where this is at, but I don’t know enough to know what I’m looking for :slight_smile:

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


WordPress recently added hidden to their core classes, which is why that field is being hidden in the form builder now:

Force Field Display
You can use your browser’s inspector to set display: block; on each field or add the following to a temp inline stylesheet in order to view those field elements:

.gfield { display: block !important; }

Then you can edit the CSS class name and save the form.

Thank you Chris. That did it. I appreciate your help.


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Oh that’s nasty. Good workaround description Chris!

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