Hidden Fields Displaying on Form


I have a form that has a couple of fields that I have marked as hidden in the design screens, however when I view it live on a site these hidden forms are displayed, but with the word “hidden” displayed above the titles.

I am running Astra Pro theme, with Elementor as my page builder and WooCommerce is also running, I have tried changing to the twenty-twenty-three theme and disabling plugins without success and I cannot see why this is happening.

I have uploaded a couple of screenshots showing this and the live test page this is happening on is https://dev-fox.co.uk/fss/online-booking-form/

Can anyone point me in the direction of what I can do to resolve this please?

Many Thanks

ScreenShot2 - Form Display

just an fyi in case anyone else comes across this. Gravity support solved this for me - just had to enable “Output Default CSS” in the settings and then clear browser cache, after that forms worked as expected. :+1:

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