Help for a newbie - forms, texts and stuff oh my

OK so I am very new to Gravity Forms and am trying my best to search for the information i need, but, when you don’t know how to fraise it or call it how do you search for it? LOL. I am just looking to get pointed in the right direct, A how to, video, something to show me some light.

What i am trying to accomplish is creating an intake form of sorts. The form gets filled out by an employee with all of the customers info. Once the form is complete and submitted it sends a text to the customer with a link to sign the documents. The document is a legal form that has the customers name inserted in 1 or 2 places and has a spot for a signature. Once they sign then the employee gets an alert and can then finish the process.

What i have so far. I have the intake form created and i have Twillo set up and sending text messages, I also have the signature plug in installed. What i dont have yet is the legal form getting the name information imported automagically or how to create that form with all the legal mumbo jumbo in it. I thought maybe i needed to have the legal stuff in a pdf with the fields mapped to the intake form, but cant seem to find a plug in to try it first before we spend the money on it.

An help would be greatly appreciated.

The above use case is not something you can create using Gravity Forms out of the box. I would recommend you to take a look to the following third-party add-ons created by certified developers:

Hopefully they will allow you to complete your form workflow.

Thanks, Ill take a look

Hi Darla,

Here’s another avenue you might consider - Zapier is a resource that integrates hundreds of disparate services and functions…so there is a “Zap” setup to integrate Gravity Forms and HelloSign, a popular online document signing service. You could create a standardized template with HelloSign that gets sent every time that form is submitted (their template lets you pre-populate the fields you need or just setup the “name goes here” and “signature goes here” stuff). HelloSign would then send you various notifications such as “your document has been viewed” and “your document has been signed” or even one that lets you know your document is still UNsigned…that email can serve as the ‘alert’ for your employee to finish the process. You can download your signed documents for backup and/or you can leave them in your cloud account at HelloSign.

Thank you Trisha for the extra info. I will look at them.

For a document signing scenario like this, we’ll soon be launching Legal Signing for Gravity Forms.

It will let you upload a fillable PDF, map your form fields to the PDF fields, and then create a signing workflow by defining signers and assigning form fields to each signer. Legal Signing will automatically take care of notifying each signer when it’s their turn to fill out the form and merge all the collected data into one document.

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