GravityView Can Become a Simple Yet Powerful PDF Builder Tool

At the beginning of the year, I had a Gravity PDF user request a solution that could automatically generate a PDF from their GravityView layout. Because they made heavy use of advanced conditional logic in their Views to create personalized reports, they didn’t want to reproduce that logic elsewhere. Plus, the GravityView Editor made it easy for them to create these reports.

Fast-forward a few months and the PDF for GravityView extension by Gravity PDF has been officially released.

This premium Gravity PDF extension automatically generates PDFs from GravityView’s Single Entry Layout, and supports all view types.

Features include:

  • Auto-generate a PDF of the Single Entry Layout in a view
  • Support for List, Table, Map, and Datatable view types
  • PDF View/Download links
  • Email PDF Widget
  • Customize PDF directly in the View settings
  • Integration with many GravityKit products, including Multiple Forms, Advanced Filter (field conditional logic), GravityCharts, and GravityMath add-ons
  • Show/hide fields from the View and/or PDF

GravityView’s Editor basically becomes a simple, but powerful, dynamic PDF builder tool!

For the initial release, we’ve focused on PDFing the Single Entry layout only. But if the demand is there, we’ll expand this to support the Multiple Entries Layout, too.

Happy to answer any questions you might have about this product, and you can find out more about the extension at


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