Gravity PDF Bulk Generator Extension

If you are using Gravity Forms and Gravity PDF together, the new Bulk Generator extension for Gravity PDF could be right up your alley.

Picture this: you’re a Gravity PDF user and you regularly need to download hundreds of PDF entries all at the same time. Right now you have to manually download each and every PDFs over and over again (boo :slightly_frowning_face:).

Enter: Bulk Generator…

How it works

  1. Select multiple Gravity Form entries on your Gravity Forms Entry List pages, then initiate the Bulk Generator via the Download PDF bulk action.
  2. Configure the options: select which PDFs to generate and organise the download files using Gravity Forms Merge Tags.
  3. Start building! Wait for the process to finish…
  4. Touchdown → Download Zip containing all your PDFs!

I’ve shot this (hopefully informative) tutorial showing you how you can use the plugin to its full potential:

If anyone decides to purchase and use the Bulk Generator plugin I’d love to get your feedback on how you found the entire experience.


Awesome work, Jake! This is powerful!

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