Gravity Forms WP Plugin using label instead of value on POST redirect

This request is regarding the Gravity Forms Wordpress Plugin (version 2.4.8)


I have noticed that there’s a potential issue with the “Redirect” method on confirmation within the current Wordpress plugin (tested with versions 2.4.5 and 2.4.8). If you have a dropdown field with values that are differing from their label and use a confirmation with the type “Redirect”, the query string parameter for the field will be the label, not the value.

Here’s how my sample HTML form field looks like:

And this is the respective section within the redirect data:

How_can_we_help={I’m interested in…:28}

Now e.g. when submitting the form, I would expect the value of the selected field to be used for the POST request, but instead the label is used. So in my example, if a user selects “Instruments”, I would expect the form handler to send “Device” as a value.

Hi Jan,

Since you’re mentioning 2.4.8: have you tested this with the latest version of GF as well (

If so, I’d like to ask you to contact the Gravity Forms Support through opening a ticket. While there are official GF Supporters replying to topics, these are the Community Forums and not an official Gravity Forms Support channel :slight_smile:

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