Show label of select filed instead of value [RESOLVED]

Hi, hope someone can help.
I have some select fields in my form that stores the value of the entry what is fine, but in the Customer notification email {all_fields} as well in the entry overview I want to show the label of the entry field instead of the value. In the detail entry view the label is showed up correct.
I’ve tried different filters, but struggle with a solution.

Hi Marco. The label should be used by default. There is a merge tag modifier to use the :value instead, which is the opposite of what you want, which means the label should be used by default.

If you need assistance figuring that out, please open a support ticket here:

Hi Chris,

thanks for your quick reply, I’ve found the issue.
I use also Gravity view may you’ve noticed.
When I deactivate this, then it works as needed.

So I will check this with their developers!

Thanks for helping and you can close it as solved!

Thanks Marco. Let us know if you need anything else.