URL redirect label vs values [RESOLVED]

Hi ,

How to get the redirect to capture the value not labels?

I am using this particular form to direct users to the page they need
The form works nicely with single words though not anything more

I know the form is using the labels in the redirect url and i need it to return values
I have fixed the values to have a dash but in the search it comes up with %20

eg Users select category and then suburb

  • single search that works: url/caterers-in-sydney
  • multiple words that don’t: url/caterers-in-blue%20mountains/penrith ( suppose to return url/Caterers-in-blue-mountains-penrith )
  • multiple words that don’t: url/Audio%20and%20Visual-in-Macathur ( suppose to return url/audio-visual-in-macathur )

The site is hostevent.com.au if you would like to view ( my developer has done a nice custom styling job :slight_smile: )
you can see above the fold i have a option for users to navigate suppliers

You can add the value modifier to the field merge tag to have the choice value output instead of the choice text e.g. {something:1:value}

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Scored. Thank you now works a charm
Appreciate the fast replies :slight_smile: