Gravity Forms Webhook Addon not sending all selected fields


We have the enterprise license installed with the webhook addon. Latest for both.

I have a form with 10 fields all of which are selected. I have not checked ‘All Fields’ as the number of fields will swell to many more. The API is only interested in these specific 10, all of which must be present.

The POST is set to application/json and a header field is added.

The data returned by the API is:

{“answer”:“BBBSC INQUIRY Connector HTTP POST Request Ran Successfully.”,“message”:“There are no program names having the value Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.EntityCollection. Program name must exist before a new inquiry can be created.”}

The section: “There are no program names…” is my error string returned by the API - the Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.EnttyCollection is the message returned from a dynamics query when a query returns an empty entity.

After a thorough check I notice that GR Forms stored a form entry in WordPress with the field reference in the error not present. That is to say, nine fields. Interestingly/coincidently it is field number nine that fails to send. The tenth on the form does.


  1. Is this a known bug (can’t find anything like it here)
  2. How does one ensure that all fields are actually sent (I do not have access to the WP server)?


I recommend opening a support ticket so the support team can review the add-on logs for issues:

Thanks Richard