Gravity Forms Survey addon not producing screen reader accessible form fields

I have created a form for a survey using the Gravity forms survey addon - the form includes radio buttons, checkboxes and combo (drop down selections).

The form is here:

I use the Jaws screen reader version 2019 but have checked with version 2020 beta and same problems persist.
On the first page of the survey there are some checkboxes and radio buttons but Jaws just can’t read them and only reads me the text - same problem in Firefox, Chrome and IE.
When I create standard forms with GF all these types of form fields are fully accessible and GF has a good commitment to accessibility.

Can the survey addon be fixed to create accessible form fields very quickly as I really don’t want to have to pay for Survey Monkey to get an accessible survey.

Maybe there are setting options to adjust but I don’t know where as my standard GF forms are working fine.


Hi Dale. We are making a big a11y effort for Gravity Forms 2.5. Can you please open a support ticket so we can be sure these concerns are being addresses or if they are not, we can open a feature request? Thank you.

I had already created a support ticket but given support doesn’t operate on the weekend I also posted here.

Very unfortunate news as will have to use some other option for the survey this time - I had hoped it might be easily fixable.


It’s not easily fixable, but so long as you have submitted a ticket, the issues will be added to our list of requested features if they are not already there. If anyone in the community wants to share a solution here, I will leave it open.

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