Gravity Forms Styles Pro + Consent Field **CONFLICT?**

Anyone have Gravity Forms Styles Pro plugin installed to style your form? When i add the consent box to acknowledge the terms, it adds a “READ FULL AGREEMENT” button next to the consent box for some reason.
The problem is, it’s not like that button opens the terms in a popup or new window, that button submits the form.
Anyone have this issue and know how to disable that button?

Here is screenshot:

Since you’re mentioning the Gravity Forms Styles Pro plugin: you’re not seeing this behaviour without that plugin enabled?

Because if this behaviour indeed isn’t there without that plugin active, it’s something inside the Gravity Forms Styles Pro plugin that’s causing this. Since they know their plugin best (and it’s not a plugin by the makers of GF) the best place to receive support for this issue and get this solved would be Support of that plugin.