Form alignment with gf_inline works incorrect [RESOLVED]

Hi there, we are just starting using gravity forms and we are setting up the first forms. For testing reasons, I have set up a page in our wordpress area where I have integrated our first form #1. At the bottom end I wanted to have a checkbox with a description on the same hight with our german “Datenschutz”-stuff. Using gf_inline on both fields, this works pretty well!

So I have decided to move over to our live page and integrated the same form #1 there.
But now the checkbox and the text are not inline but the checkbox above and the text below.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

If the form looked OK in the form preview, but different in the live page, that means something applied on the live page is messing with your layout. Normally, it’s the theme. If you post the URL here we can take a look and see if it’s something that can be easily corrected.

Thanks for your reply. I’m pretty sure it’s coming from the theme. For now I have found a much better way.
I thought I cannot enter html in the checkbox description and have therefore used to fields: one checkbox without text and a html field. These two fields should be placed closely together on the same height. Now I know, I can enter also html in the checkbox description and my problem is solved.

Good deal. Thank you for the update.