How to get radio buttons inline with text and flush left

My forms used to have the radio buttons inline with the text, before text, flush left.

I have searched the FAQ’s, GF docs, and forum.

can’t find what I need, I don’t want them centered.

can anyone help?

Does the gf_list_inline ready class not work for you?

the inline puts all the buttons and text in the same line, I need the list vertical with the buttons before the text.
button- text
button - text
button - text

just tried the inline, here is what happened:


Those are checkboxes not radio buttons. What version of Gravity Forms are you using? If I give you the CSS to do what you’re wanting it probably won’t work if you update to the v2.5.

using Version 2.4.23, but I can upgrade

looks like I can’t upgrade, sorry

Are you using rc-1 or rc-2 which stands for release candidate?

This is essentially 2.5 but the beta versions.

I don’t know which release candidate it is, sorry.

If you go to plugins then scroll down to Gravity Forms. It will tell you the current version you’re running. If the version number has rc-1 or rc-2 appended to the end of it then I can tell you the CSS for this to work. It will be pointless if you aren’t running the latest version because the version 2.5 of Gravity Forms introduces tremendous changes of the markup. If the class of the checkboxes are different which they are then it won’t work.

okay so I went and looked again: this is what I got:

Gravity Forms
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Version 2.4.23 By [Gravity Forms]

You’re not using Gravity Forms 2.5.

This update is being released and the markup is different for radio button and checkboxes. They remove the li from the class.

If you’d like I’ll take a look but you would need to redo this again once you update.

Try this. I’m on mobile so I can’t open developer tools. Left me know if this works.

body .gform_wrapper .gform_body .gform_fields .gfield .gfield_checkbox li {
    float: left;

body .gform_wrapper .gform_body .gform_fields .gfield .gfield_checkbox li input[type=checkbox] { 
    float: left;

If this works for you, then when you update to 2.5 remove the li from the code.

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Many Thanks Dere! I really appreciate your time and expertise. will try it out first thing tomorrow morning when I’m back at work.

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