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Hi, Hoping someone can help.

I am using the Consent Field to create a contract. After Submission I am using Gravity PDF to create the attached contract. If a user does not “check consent”, it will show up on the PDF nicely as a “Not Consented To” which is great. BUT… some people accidently missed checking the Consent box.

To fix the issue, I bought a license for Gravity Wiz so I could have the user preview the items before they do the final submit. My goal with Gravity Wiz was to make sure the customer can see if they accidently declined an option because they skipped it by mistake and it would show on preview.

The problem is that both the submitted results and the preview do not show any of the sections that were not checked off. They are just not included in results.

Is there a way to force Gravity to submit the items that were not selected on a form like it does on the PDF? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!
K Force

When the Consent field is not checked, the field is empty, therefore not saved. I would recommend you to reach Gravity Wiz support to see if they have any workaround for this specific use case.

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Thanks for replying, I will reach out to them. Thanks!

Hi Karen,

We’ve already followed up by email. Just posting the solution here for future reference to the Gravity Forms community.

One solution would be to change the Preview Content to {all_fields:empty} as shown below:
This will include checkboxes for which there is no check in the final preview.

I’m not sure if this would be applicable to your use case, but using Radio Buttons may also be a valid solution. This way there is always an answer to those fields as you could then set them to be required. You can also select a default option in the form editor.


Please let me know if you need anything else, I’m happy to help!



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