In a consent form, can we dynamically pull in fields from their choices?

For Example the Total of the monthly billing from the choices they made, is there a way to put the Total in the consent form, so we can say something like: "By placing this order, you agree we are going to debit $xx.xx per month from your account xxxxxxx

they entered account “xxxxxxx” in a different field can we show those things?

Hi Richard,

I answered a similar question from you in a different thread. I’ll link it below, but the short version is to use Populate Anything’s Live Merge Tags. They let you insert merge tags anywhere in your form.

I installed the Gravity Wiz Terms of service, but I cannot see the field in the list of fields and when I searched for “Terms” it did not find any. It shows as active, but it is not working. Everything is up to date. Do I have to enable it somewhere?

Hi Richard. The Terms of Service field should show up under the Advanced Fields section:

If you don’t see it there, I recommend contacting Gravity Wiz support for the Perk.

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