In the consent content can we put data like the date: {date_mdy}?

When I tested it, it did not work, so how could I do that?

I want to add something like this to the consent terms:

We will draft your account today and every 30 days from today ({date_mdy}).

but when I put that in the consent, it was literally there, so it did not replace it.

Hi Richard,

The Consent field doesn’t support replacing that merge tag, but you could use a Gravity Wiz Terms of Service for your consent.

You can insert the {date_mdy} merge tag into The Terms and it will output correctly on the form.

If you don’t want to use a different field type, our Populate Anything Perk adds support for Live Merge Tags. Using those, you can use the {date_mdy} field pretty much anywhere on the form by adding the @ symbol in front.

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