Gravity Forms Stripe Checkout pass email as parameter


We sent you a ticket because payments from Stripe Element are currently not working (we have a 3DSecure error each time). Our website is fully updated.
The problem is the same as here: There was a problem with your submission: 3d secure authentication is required for your payment

While waiting for a resolution, we would like to switch to the Gravity Forms Stripe Checkout option, can you simply help with the use of the filter: gform_stripe_session_data, we would like the email address that the user enters in the form is automatically included on the Stripe Checkout page. (We would like the exact functionnality of the example of this deprecated filter :

Thanks by advance.

The following should work:

add_filter( 'gform_stripe_session_data', function( $session_data, $feed, $submission_data, $form, $entry ) {
	if ( $form['id'] === 4 ) { // Change 4 to your form id.
		$session_data['customer_email'][] = rgar( $entry, '1' ); // Change 1 to your Email field id.

	return $session_data;
}, 10, 5 );

Please read the snippet comments for the values you need to update.

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