Creating a Stripe Customer Without Payment - Gravity Forms

I am using gravity customer stripe addon.
How can I return the customer email instead of customer id?
Please check this link: Creating a Stripe Customer Without Payment - Gravity Forms

Hello Hayat. I recommend a support ticket for this question:

However, this filter is for specifically returning the customer ID from Stripe. You should already have the email address. What is your use case and the need for this?

Hello Chris,
How can I use this filter to returning Customer Email? As per the subscription process it returns the customer email to the stripe customer list. Can I do that for One-time payment using this filter? or Can I do that using any other filter?
For the subscription process it works fine. I want it to work for the One-time payment too.

For one time it returns the Customer ID as I mentioned the screenshot above.

Hello Hayat. No one has ever asked (me anyway) for that, because the customer email address is known when the form is submitted. The Stripe Customer ID is not known, which is why we have this method to return the customer ID.

If you look at the code in your screenshot, the customer email address is known on line 8 - that is coming from the receipt email address of the feed, which is on the Gravity Forms side of things. Since that is known, I am not sure why you need to try to get it from Stripe as well? :man_shrugging: Maybe there is a good reason, but I don’t understand it yet. If you have more information to add, please feel free, and maybe someone else will be able to see what I am not seeing. Thank you.