Gravity Forms to Stripe - Populate Account Name

Hi I have set up a gravity form using stripe add on to trigger a stripe subscription. The only issue i am having is that I cannot populate the “Customer Account Name” in stripe customer from the Gravity form. Any ideas how to achieve this? I need to achieve this so that an invoice that is triggered by stripe each month will be made out to the customer name that they set in the form. Currently it goes to “Stripe Customer”

Can you post some screenshots of your feed setup, and also where in the Stripe account you want this to be stored? Also, I want to confirm, that this is for a subscription transaction initially?

I’m going to necromancy this since I’m seeing the same - GF isn’t sending any customer details such as name (or address) with a subscription - this is what’s being sent in the logs:

2020-05-14 9:07:53.571373 - DEBUG --> GFStripe::create_customer(): Customer meta to be created => Array
    [description] => Fortnightly
    [email] =>
    [source] => tok_1Gic6eHdIybqAsvIQnbQz37T
    [balance] => 3062
    [metadata] => Array
            [Frequency] => Fortnightly
            [Extras] => Inside Oven Clean (£ 20.00)
            [Booking Timeslot] => Tuesday 2020-05-19 @ 11:00-13:00
            [Beds] => 3
            [Baths] => 2
            [Common] => 2
            [Name] => John Doe
            [Address] => 1 Road Way, Township,  Berkshire  RG12 3AB,  GB
            [Phone] => 01234 567 890


And in Stripe the Customer name information (naturally) ends up empty. The initial direct payment does have the name, but not the subscription itself.

In the Stripe Feed in GF there isn’t an option to set the name either - the options are: Email, Description and Coupon (since its installed I’m guessing). No options for neither name or address (which I believe Stripe can accept for subscriptions).

Hi Christian. I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue so we can get all the details of your installation and help you with a resolution. Thank you.