Gravity forms Advanced Post Creation Add on: Create post on multiple sites in WP Multisite


I have a gravity form on WP Multi Site environment and i creating a post using Advanced Post Creation Addon. and i want to use that form to create post on multiple subsites in Multisite environment.
Current Implementation:
I have a multisite WP with site IDs: 1, 2, 3
I am at Site 1 and if i fill the form, then post is created at Site 1 only.
If i am site 2 and i fill the form the post is created at site 2 only.

What I want:
Not matter at what site i am, If I fill the form, then post should be created on all 3 sites.

Please share suggestion on how can i get this done.

Thank you

I’ve used this snippet to perform actions across sites on a multisite install. I think you’d probably be wanting to use some combination of that hooked to gform_advancedpostcreation_post_after_creation. You’d need to be including all the functions to duplicate the post, meta, taxonomies, etc. APC itself would only process from GF to the site on which things were submitted, but then your code would be doing all the duplication.

Maybe something of that can be useful?

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