Combine multiple forms into one post

Hi there,

I wonder about the feasibility of the project below using Gravity Forms. I’ve been thinking for several days about different ways to realize it via the multitude of existing addons, but I couldn’t find a way out.

I would like to make a multi step path for the user in which each step (materialized as a wordpress page) would include a dedicated Gravity Form.

At the last step, the user submission would generate a custom post type via a plugin (Advanced Custom Post). The custom post type would contain the entire set of data of the multi step path.

The user would have the ability to complete the different forms not necessarily at the same time, but the custom post type would be generated once all forms are filled out.

Many thanks in advance for any input you might have !

Not something you can do using Gravity Forms and the Advanced Post Creation add-on out of the box. But maybe the following third-party add-ons could help:

I would recommend to reach their authors for advice.

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