Creating new forms based on a form submission

Hi guys,

We were wondering if is there any way to creat a form that allow user to create their own forms.

Using the Advanced Post Creation GF add-on users can create a new post based on a form submission, however, we would like to allow user to, based on a specifc form structure (like a form template), to create their own forms and post them on their submited post.

Do you see any way to acomplish this?

Thank you very much.

Check out the function GFAPI::add_form. You should be able to run this upon the action gform_after_submission or similar.


An interesting use case you have @user59e76ab7d7f558.9. The links Joshua provided are definitely going to be useful. If your form-to-make-forms is not going to be a one-off structure, you may want to look at how Gravity Flow could add value in your process, such as:

  • Adding approval step(s) for your staff to vet the potential form before it is made available on the website.
  • Automating the update of a post via a custom step that builds up from the APC functionality. Note when APC adds full UI support to update posts via its’ feed, our step types will match to that instead of need for this custom snippet.
  • Creating a custom step type to have even more flexibility over the form creation process. Perhaps the initial form submission has field values that determine which parts of the customized form are included. That could even be to trigger the form creation after an approval and Stripe step for payment have been received.

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