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I am wanting to build a directory using Wordpress. Each directory listing will feature a business and the listing page will have a form embedded. The form embed will send the message directly to the business when submitted.

Business listing will be added using ACF.

I am wondering if it would be possible to set up so that when I add a business listing in ACF, a corresponding form will be created and embedded in the business listing page automatically.

i.e. each business listing will have a unique form.

Will this be possible with Gravity Forms?

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Michael,

It will be possible - though you should expect some coding with existing hooks from Gravity Forms or add-ons to customize so it matches your goals and end user has a slick experience. A couple links that may help you in that journey.

  • Either the Gravity Forms Rest API to create a form or the GFAPI add form function would allow you to define via JSON or PHP for the form structure to be created.
  • Had you thought of using the same form to create the ACF business listing as what triggers the custom form creation? The Advanced Post Creation add-on lets you create meta and has some docs specific to ACF.
  • If you want to vet the entry before triggering those automated activities, Gravity Flow would be a great add-on to help you co-ordinate your actions. With our approval step type and user input step type can make the co-ordination on content easy and then the APC action happens as a later step.
  • I don’t know of an existing step type to create a form, but the custom step framework would let you use the GFAPI class above to build one specific to your use case.
  • If I were a business applying for such a listing I would be amazed if following my submission being approved, not only was the listing+form live but an initial sample had been pre-submitted to my custom form. You could use Gravity Flow’s Form Connector to create a new entry to the custom form for that.

It sounds like a great project! Let us know how you get on with it.


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