GF Telemetry cron brought our website to its knees


Yesterday we had a bad moment when our primary website started throwing 503 errors. While there were multiple factors at play, one item that was highlighted as a major slow point was wp_gf_telemetry_processor_cron. It runs every five minutes and writes about 14KB of data to every one of our 192 subsites’ options tables. Looking at this data, I see that it mostly consists of a list of every plugin and a few other items seemingly unrelated to Gravity Forms.

My questions are: Is this cron job necessary? Does it need to run every five minutes? If I reset it to be less frequent manually, will it revert to five minutes when we next update GF?

Btw: I’ve looked at the cron troubleshooting guide, and it doesn’t really address this issue.


Mark Pemburn
Web Application Administrator
Clark University