Gravity Form Needs 11 Seconds to Load


My website is a-w-m-u-n[dot]org/registration ((( please remove the - )))

My conversion rate become worse because on mobile, gravity form needs 11 seconds to show. I have 3 page breaks, around 40 fields all.

Some friends said that they have no loading issue although with 50 fields with page breaks.
On another website, last year we have no such issue.

Could you please give me advice on how to fix it and get our conversion rate better?

Have you already tested the form for theme and plugin conflicts?

Not yet, but I checked using different form ID in the same page to know whether it’s GF issue or not.

After I tried with shorter form, it runs smooth.
But using that 50 fields form, it takes like 9-12 seconds for form to load.

Even after we upgraded to 8 vCPUs 32GB / 80GB Disk ($240/mo) Digital Ocean, still not get improvement (and we plan to downgrade again).

Fifty fields is not a lot for a form. The slow down would be coming from the complexity of the form with only 50 fields. Can you export the form and send the JSON file to