How to speed up a heavy form

Hi everyone,

since I’ve created a very long form with a lot of Conditional Logic fields (around 150), I need to make it faster, because now it takes so long to load the various fields (3-4 seconds).

I’ve contacted the official GF support and they suggested to break it into several smaller forms, and pass the data between forms.
Ok, so… what I have to do? :smiley:

If there are other tricks or suggestions, I can’t wait to know about them!

I hope someone can help me.

Thank you in advance.

no solution or advice…? :cry:

Have you tried to separate the form with pages (you can add conditional to pages) ? Then you can speed up the UX with plugin Auto Advance for GravityForms, it automatically advances to the next page when a user clicks on a button.

Thank you for your kind reply.
Unfortunately with this method the form results still slower.
Because even if it automatically advances to the next page, the form is slow.

UPDATE: to be honest the form is slower on mobile device (I tried with different devices).

…maybe Gravity Forms Support in AMP could be the solution?

what do you think about it?

It could be your server, maybe it’s too slow for complicated forms.

I don’t think that it concerns the hosting, because it is quite fast, and using the PC the form has a nice speed.
It is a issue about using mobile.

What do you think about the plugin Gravity Forms in AMP ?

I sent to their support center an email asking if it could solve the problem.
But I would like to know your thoughts about that plugin.
Do you think it can solve the problem about the speed on mobile device?

I don’t know this plugin. Have you tested the form with diffrent mobiles : ios and android for exemple ?

Yes, I tried with Android and iOS system and the issue remains.
Anyway, “AMP is an open source framework developed by Google in collaboration with Twitter. Accelerated Mobile Pages create better, faster experiences on the mobile web”.
Since there is the plugin Gravity Forms Support in AMP I really hope it could fix that.
I’m still waiting for the reply from the support before to buy the plugin ($79,99). I would like their assurance that it really works, making the form faster on mobile devices.

Hi @user5d25e7e123be5212,

I also have speed issues with forms that make use of calculations & conditional logic, especially when they cascade.

Take as an example where B depends on A’s value and D depends on C’s value. I am currently trying to confirm which of the following 2 scenarios happens when I edit A:

  1. B is re-evaluated
  2. B & D are re-evaluated (this would be bad since D doesn’t depend on A’s value)

I am also exploring some options in a separate post: How to Speed Up a Laggy Form

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