Slow long form loadingtakes 20 plus seconds

All of my form pages load quickly but I have one that now takes twenty-six seconds to load
It is a long form with conditional and drop downs and so much. I have increased my memory and nothing works. Any suggestions?

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Hi @user5e3ef4cd7ceb9416
Sorry for the trouble. There are a few things you can try to improve the performance of your Gravity Form:

  1. Optimize your form: If your form has a lot of fields or uses complex conditional logic, it may be slower to load. Try to simplify the form by removing unnecessary fields or simplifying the conditional logic.

  2. Optimize your server: If your form is hosted on a shared server, it may be slower to load due to limited resources. Consider upgrading to a VPS or dedicated server to improve performance.

  3. Use caching: Caching can help reduce your form’s load time by storing a static version of the form in the cache. This means that the form does not need to be loaded from scratch each time it is accessed.

  4. Enable Gzip compression: Enabling Gzip compression can help reduce the form’s size, which can improve its load time.

  5. Use a content delivery network (CDN): A CDN can help to improve the load time of your form by distributing the form’s assets across multiple servers, which reduces the load on a single server.

If you have tried all of these suggestions and your form is still slow to load, it may be worth contacting the Gravity Forms support team for further assistance.

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