Cron events scheduled by Gravity Forms

I’m told by my host that my site is taking up a lot of resources, and they feel the number of crons GF has runnning is excessive, and could be at least part of the problem.

I have installed: Gravity Forms, Gravity Forms PayPal Payments Pro Add-On, Gravity Forms reCAPTCHA Add-On.

It appears that one or more of these plugins initiates 4 separate cron events:


These are the only cron events scheduled other those that are part of WP, but whereas the WP crons are scheduled once hourly or once daily, these GF related crons are scheduled every 5m, which by my calculations results in 1,152 events per day.

  1. Is this completely necessary?
  2. Any opinions on whether these could be responsible for high CPU usage?

Thank you

Have you reviewed the following page of the documentation:

The cron jobs for the upgrader, feed, and notification processors are only fallbacks. They should only run if something blocked the Ajax request that triggers the primary processor. The events are removed once the queued tasks have been processed. So you might want to check the following page of the documentation as well:

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