Webhooks add-on firing way after form is submitted (sometimes hours)


We’ve been having trouble with the webhooks add-on where the hook is firing way after the form was submitted. We’ve seen this delay go up to 12 hours.

Form submission and the email notification works fine. Further, this a new site for us and it gets under 100 visits a day, so I don’t think it’s a resource problem.

Is there something we can check or debug on why this is happening? I’m a developer, but not as familiar with WordPress. If there’s any plugin or something else we can use to figure out why the webhooks are not firing, I’d definitely appreciate the advice.

*Or if there’s any other forum / resource I can use to figure out what’s going on. Any help here would be great.


The site is https://roguefilmsaz.com/ if that helps

It sounds like the feeds are being processed by the fallback cron job, instead of the submission-time Ajax request. The following page of the documentation should help:

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