Fraudulent Stripe Transactions Despite Disabling "Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On"

In the past, I’ve dealt with CC Testing Attacks, but I’m experiencing a strange one with a client’s sites. We are receiving multiple fraudulent Stripe transactions usually for $0.90. When I check them inside our Stripe Account under “Developers > Events” and click on the Source link for each, it shows each as coming from the API with the Application listed as “Gravity Forms by rocketgenius”.

To completely “lock down/eliminate” this activity, I’ve actually disabled the “Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On” on the three sites we have connected to this Stripe account. Furthermore, I also remembered we have one archived and one staging site, and I deleted the staging site as well as disabled all plugins on the archived site.

Despite the above, we are still receiving fraudulent transactions. I currently have a support thread with Stripe, but I’m asking you guys in case you can think of how these fraudulent transactions are being made. I believe 6 new ones have come in just while I’ve been writing this post.

Any ideas?

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