Form will not display correctly for a particular user

Hello everyone,

[Novice user, non-coder]

I have an (infuriating!) issue where a form will not display correctly for a single user – it’s just affecting this one user, for everyone else it’s all fine.

The form has seven sections, one for each day of the week. For one user only the section headings are display and she cannot interact with anything. For everyone else the forms fields are displayed correctly. Screenshots below.

The form is in a workflow using the Gravity Flow plugin, however it doesn’t feel like an issue with that plugin – I’m not doing anything fancy because I barely grasp what Gravity Flow does! It’s only accessible by logged-in users powered by the Paid Memberships Pro plugin.

The form:

Should like this:

But looks like this:

And here’s an exported copy:

If anyone has any insight as to what might be going on I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Many thanks.

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