Form submissions going to Promotions tab for G Suite

Hello! I am hoping someone can help with this.

Client’s lead forms keep going to the Promotions tab in their G Suite inboxes. They are missing timely response opportunities because they are not seeing the forms in their primary inbox.

Any ideas on how to get around this? Something I need to do in configuration of the form itself?

Thank you!

Hello. If G Suite is marking the notifications as Promotional, there is something about the message (content, subject, sender, domain, IP address, etc) that Google thinks makes it promotional. Google does not release the criteria they use to classify messages for those inboxes, but there are some articles with hints on things to avoid to stay out of the Promotions tab:

It’s a pretty basic lead form?

I might try changing the subject line?

It was doing this for a while and then stopped and now seems to be doing it again, which is why client didn’t see the emails - they were not looking for them there anymore.

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