HubSpot and Gravity Forms Question

Hey guys - thank you in advance.

I’m a noob here so thank you for your patience.

My question is - if I create a gravity form with a dropdown that is tied to say a specific team at our company - BUT we only want ONE of those dropdown options to push content to HubSpot is that possible with Gravity Forms?

To clarify - say we have these options
Tech Support

And someone selects Sales - can we push that form submission to HubSpot? And If they were to select say Marketing, can we send that to a specific email address?

I look forward to hearing from you guys and again, thank you for your time and insight.

Hi JB. Yes, you can do that with conditional logic on the HubSpot feed. That way, you can send only submissions for the Sales option in the dropdown to HubSpot.

You can do the same on your email notification. Use the conditional logic setting at the bottom to send the notification only when they selected Marketing.

The key is the conditional logic setting at the bottom of the notification or add-on (in your case HubSpot) feed.

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Thank you @chrishajer - I will give this a thorough walk-through next week and would like to reserve the right to leave this open so I can inquire about it if I run into any issues.

Would that be acceptable?

I’m sooo pleased to hear this news! Thank you so much! (off to google conditional logic in GF and HubSpot workflows!) :slight_smile:

Sure thing. Reply here if you need more information. Thank you.

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