Form Fields 'Shuffling' upon 'hide'

When I use
gf_left_half, then gf_right_half
Works awesome. Huge props

But when the field on the right doesn’t need to be present because the field on the left has radio button selected on “N/A”… I don’t want the next line’s field with gf_left_half to shuffle up a line to the right of the first gf_left_half. Quite counter intuitive. I figured by putting it as left_half, that would create a new ‘line’ of fields.

Any work around here? Or a class that’s not mentioned in the help page?

I’m afraid the CSS ready classes for left and right won’t work as expected when you have one of those fields hidden by conditional logic. We do not have a work around at this time. The helper class works in a lot of cases, but not when one of the fields is hidden by conditions logic. Sorry for that limitation.

Custom CSS maybe?

Possibly :slight_smile: I’ll leave this open in case someone has an approach. I’ve never been able to come up with a good approach.

One thing I thought might be possible would be to add a dummy field or HTML content or something, to replace the side which is hidden by conditional logic. You could do that after the conditional logic is applied. Just a thought, but I don’t have anything worked out.

You could use this to do something after the conditional logic is applied:

yeah… and I was thinking of making the reverse condition display a gf_right_half HTML text saying something along the lines of ‘no further action needed’. Then the shuffling happens in the one field and not the 20 remaining fields.

That’s a pretty good idea too!

How about something like this?


I had a really hard time figuring out a use case where I would completely hide the right side or left side field, so here is a silly example. Let me know if that does what you need it to.