Conditional Logic hidden fields still rendering used space

Hi team! I have an issue with a form I’m building. For clarity, it uses a TON of conditional logic as you progress through the form. However, it seems that there is an issue when I view the form on the front end.

In the attached image you will see that the options that aren’t checked are somehow still rendering their containers but not displaying the information.

What I need is for the container to be hidden when the option hasn’t been selected in previous field selections.

For more context, the image displays the first selection from a row of radio buttons I made which will conditionally show a list of checkboxes with options that will also allow other fields to appear when selecting them. The problem is the boxes that aren’t selected still exist when not selected. They just don’t display information.

In short, if possible I would like to completely hide a field and its data if it wasn’t selected previously.

Any help would be HUGE.

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I figured it out. After a lot of troubleshooting. I noticed that Gravity Forms put invisible spacers into the form for some reason.

I just used a bit of CSS to fix it. Not the best solution by any means but it got the job done.

.spacer.gfield{ display: none; }

Hope this helps someone else in the future.

For context, those spacers are inserted when you put fields into rows in the form editor. If all of your fields were full-width, this wouldn’t happen. The development team is aware that rows and conditional logic can lead to some awkward layout problems, and we hope to solve this at some point.


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