Form Editor loading error after upgrading to GF 2.5

There has been quite some js errors showing after upgrading to Gravity Forms 2.5, one of the most serious issue is that all of my forms containing PayPal/Stripe field (don’t know which is the cause but I think it’s stripe card field) will not load properly, the right column is not shown, and I cannot see the difference in console since it has same js error as the forms that are normal displayed.

Anyone encountered similar issue? I think the new form editor is more elegant, but I’d roll back to elder version until all 3rd party plugins start to support it.

Hi Michael. Rolling back to 2.4.24 or earlier is not supported. I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue: Support | Gravity Forms

Thank you.

Fixed an issue which causes Javascript errors in the Form Editor when no 2.5 .1.1. Fixed an issue which causes Conditional Logic to fail if the first choice for a capabilities are located in the Gravity Forms group instead of the GF Add-Ons group. option could be used when updating the option so the plugin loads first.


Thanks Pierce. 2.5.2 was released for automatic update today, with a slew of other fixes as well. Check out the change log here: