Upgraded to 2.5.3 and captcha doesn't work and getting console errors:

site: Contact Us | Customer Service & Support | Surplus Record

Console error is Uncaught ReferenceError: gform is not defined
refers to last line of code:

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I’m getting console errors for all my forms that are using Stripe.

jquery.colorbox-min.js?ver=1.0:4 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘msie’ of undefined
at jquery.colorbox-min.js?ver=1.0:4
at jquery.colorbox-min.js?ver=1.0:4
(anonymous) @ jquery.colorbox-min.js?ver=1.0:4
(anonymous) @ jquery.colorbox-min.js?ver=1.0:4
csvviewer.js?ver=1.0:1 Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(…).colorbox is not a function
at csvviewer.js?ver=1.0:1
(anonymous) @ csvviewer.js?ver=1.0:1
(index):3574 Uncaught ReferenceError: gform is not defined
at (index):3574
(anonymous) @ (index):3574
(index):3576 Uncaught ReferenceError: gform is not defined
at (index):3576
(anonymous) @ (index):3576
conditional_logic.min.js?ver=2.5.3:1 Uncaught TypeError: gform.addAction is not a function
at conditional_logic.min.js?ver=2.5.3:1

On other sites, the form is not displaying altogether.

Hello - I recommend grabbing the latest build from here https://www.gravityforms.com/my-account/downloads/ or contacting support if that does not help:

You can use these instructions to manually update to the latest Gravity Forms:

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Hi Chris,

That update fixed the console errors for me.

I have several sites that have this error though. Will this be available as an auto update?

Yes, that should be made available as an automatic update today. It’s in QA right now.

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Thank you for the updated plugin. But I want to throw a pretty heavy complaint here because the script made reCaptcha fail and my sites were not able to receive submissions because the reCaptcha failed.

I have the same issue 30 odd website and I rely on auto update which was botched!

Anyone who continues to have issues, please open a support ticket so we can address those issues. Ensure that you are using the latest release, currently


Getting those issues in front of the product team is the best way to squash all the bugs. Thank you.