Exclude a value in calculations using JS

In my form, there are many questions, for which the choices are Red, Yellow, Red and N/A. The form is for instructors to assess students, and depending on the question, the instructor may select N/A, meaning that the question is not relevant, and then it should not influence the final result. How can I make that when N/A is selected, it doesn’t affect the final result? I don’t want to give N/A the value 0. I want the values to be Green=100, Yellow=50, Red=0, N/A=not value

Inother words, I want to exclude those N/A values from the average scoring calculations I have set up, by changing the divisor value of my calculation. For example for a field with 5 questions, if one of the included questions is marked as N/A, then I would like to change the divisor from 5 to 4.

Do someone has some custom javascript in place that counts the number of fields with N/A selected within each formula grouping, store that value to a hidden field, and then include that field in the divisor. So, for example, if the user has selected two N/A, then that value is stored to a hidden field. Using that fields merge tag in the formula, the divisor would be 5 - 2 which should then calculate properly.


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