Calculations based on changed field names

when making calculations (i need a lot) I assume that that the calculation is broken when I change the field name?
the id after the : is not changed but the calculation is done on the combination fieldname + id?


{fieldname-x:22} / ( {fieldname-y:50}/100 )
Now I change fieldname-x to fieldname-x1

will above calculation still work or not?

Have you already tested it?

The merge tag will work like this (without the field name):

{:22} / ( {:50}/100 )

so I suspect it will still work, but what has your experience been?

hi Chris, my experience is that whtever you write before the : is not effecting the calculation.

Maybe strange characters will give bugs?

Anything before the :fieldID is ignored and is there only to help you recall what the calculation is based upon. You do not need field labels. The field ID is the important thing.