Trying to Allow entry of percentages for use in formulas [RESOLVED]

I’m only able to allow for people to enter a decimal, for simplicity i’d like to have them be able to enter a percentage field or just a number in a field i’d designate as the percentage field. Is this possible?

HI Sam, that should be possible. Can you show how the form needs to work and how the calculations need to work? Have you built a form yet?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the response. IBuilt out the form already using decimals instead of percentages, I uploaded a picture of one example, though its a multi step form and comes up multiple times. Here the bottom field is calculating.

Anyone have an idea how to do this? really would make inputs so much simpler for visitors to our site. Thanks

Hi Sam. I’m not clear on what the issue is. If you have a number field, you can limit the min/max to 1-100 or 0-100 if you need 0%, then, you can use a calculation in your other field, and divide by 100 to arrive at a percentage. Will that work for you? Or is there a limitation you have run into that I have not considered?

Well… i feel stupid! haha yeah that was it. thanks Chris

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